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Why Olissey Travel? and Why Azerbaijan?

Discover the land where cultural crossroads form 4 corners of the world have visitors such as Aleksandr the Great, where Aleksandr Duma discovered new flavors and colorful cultural nouveau’s, where you will uncover secrets captivating  you like Code da Vinci…

That we Promise 

Plan with US

We are your open source for panning and tailoring your adventure in Azerbaijan or in 3 more countries you choose along the Caspian Sea!

With our online Blog available on this webpage, you will get the latest blogposts that our secret “Olissey” editor has personally experienced or found around town, city or country…

Independent Travelers are Welcome!

 Still need that extreme on the top of the mountain the name your not sure how to pronounce? Need to ruin those new Nike’s on hiking to the magical lake? how about rose oil factory or handmade carpets at heart of the ancient village in Qusar region in Azerbaijan? that home made wine in Kuatisi city in Georgia with house owners taking you to the wine seller for showing the ancient wine making method of Georgia…

Unique Tours

With given power of adventures spirit and lots of travel agents with years of travel experience and local experts, historians and blogger, we aim to give you something more than travel.Tailor your travel program, manage your time and make sure to take at least 1 free day to enjoy and walk along the city streets to relax and experience the local culture and dynamic lifestyle of BAKU city!

Health Tours

With infamous Naftalan heath center, Gabala and Istisu natural and healing mineral waters, Shaki city salt and emerald made healing spa’s you are in for a great week of body healing adventure.

Make sure to send us email with your questions! Don’t wait


Want to celebrate your special day in the new “Paris” of Eastern Europe? Azerbaijan & Georgia might be your type of romantic new destination!

Email us and all you have in mind for your Wedding ceremony, your special Valentines gateway, anniversary and simply unforgettable weekend with your loved ones, and Olissey team will take it form there

You’ll always be our Valentine…


Join Olissey Travel Azerbaijan Club Corporate Program for tailored travel packages, optimized to fit each traveler’s personal preferences.We deliver corporate travelers with customized VIP services based on their own requirements.

Kim L. Burney
Its always great to discover people that know what they offer and are so welcoming and caring for guests!
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Loved it , simple beautiful !

We Aim to Differ 😉