We all heard of “10th” list of countries where solo travelers are going and most of them are hardly the places for “finding yourself”. Lonely planet has published already 2020 list of cities to travel solo and this time same names pop-ed up again. Paris somehow is considered as best solo travelers destination. Seems  like yesterday Pablo Picasso was storming cafes and bars after 8 pm with his fellow painters, hitting up Scottish coffee and absinthe. Cities that you have to show up with your own entourage no longer look or welcome singles. Simple reason will be the cost, activities and public spaces that don’t tolerate one costumers. Themes and tourism industry in the old timer cities have long undergone full transformation, and higher demand in sales and customer density.

Real focus should be now in 2020 for new destinations that offer better exchange rates are somewhere in the end of the usual world we live in, or, simply said, those countries and cities that have been till today not mentioned because their tourism boards haven’t the market budget for exposure.

Feel and make yourself like “Robert Langdon” characters and chaise the truth through information that is readily available on internet blogs. Ours is also no exeption.

Baku is generally very welcoming in many ways. 5 days worth of stay, lower daily expenses and many, truly many mixed cultural sites and looks of the surrounding architecture.

Number 1 should be the Highland PARK, or seek the 3 flame towers from your hotel or while you walk on baku boulevards. Boulevards  and every 23 km inch of it is your number 2 on the list. Don’t forget to visit some city central streets  (Nizami- 03) and their funky jazz atmosphere, then move to a Old city streets (04) after 5 pm to enjoy some small tea houses, Veggie restaurant is also available. Or simply cosy national restaurants. While sipping that morning tea make sue to get your way around (05) Fire Temple and move along to (06) Fire Mountain. You will need to book a car ride for those trips. You will gain the additional knowledge of the Indian and Silk Road influence on the ancient local population. Then, its time for some ancient open air rocks and sculptures at (07) Gobustan area, which also will lead you to (08) Mud volcanos, its another car ride away.

Back in Baku, enjoy your night views from seaside walk on (09) white city boulevards or while summer break is under your window, take the high road to BIBI Heybat mosque  pass it by, enjoy the seaside port view from ancient balcony, make a wish inside and move along to Baku beach area (10). For shopaholics, a bonus ride should be made to BINE – open air market (11). Ones the  market where entire Caucasus, Russian and far eastern countries prayed and bought from each season. Crowds of sellers from all around were storming the place for goods and more.

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