Small yet Puffy with many cultures that created one ecosystem in one city of lights – Baku

Rock Music Culture Baku

is a wide variety of forms of rock music made in Azerbaijan or by artists of Azerbaijani descent.

History of Azerbaijani Rock divides in to several stages :

1.Soviet Era

2. 60s-70s

3. 1980s

4. Post-Soviet Era

5. 2000s

Hard Rock Cafe Baku

Rock was greatly restricted for most of the period Azerbaijan was under Soviet rule, being viewed by the CPSU as a Western anti-socialist influence.Among the most recognized groups of the Soviet era were Coldünya, Yuxu, Eksulap and Khurramids.

With several stages developing its uniques style in the world of Rock, today, one can still add to folk rich rock culture in Azerbaijan.

Baku, the capital and commercial hub of Azerbaijan, is a low-lying city with coastlines along the Caspian Sea. It’s famed for its medieval walled old city, which contains the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a vast royal complex, and the iconic stone Maiden Tower. Contemporary landmarks include the Zaha Hadid–designed Heydar Aliyev Center, and the Flame Towers, 3 pointed skyscrapers covered with LED screens.

2 thoughts on “Baku & Rock in Roll

  • Lilly Drumeva says:

    Dear colleagues,

    I am a singer/songwriter from Bulgaria and would like to perform in Azerbaijan. Since there is a direct flight between Sofia and Baku now, it is easy to come. I have two music projects:
    My band “Lilly of the West” (blues/jazz/swing)
    My duo “Lilly and Krasi” (acoustic music from all over the world)

    I would love to come pro bono (on my own expenses) and promote my music and see the country. Maybe you could help?

    Best regards,

    Lilly Drumeva-O’Reilly

    • OlisseyTravel says:

      Dear Lilly,

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment,
      We loved your music videos very much!

      Each year in May and September we are greeting our groups from Bulgaria and absolutely love to share the experience with them.
      So far the best destinations are Baku and Shaki city.

      We will get back to you soon via email and try to help you with your travels.

      Olissey Team

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