Let me Guess!

You wonder how it is possible that December somehow became BAKU or somehow related with Azerbaijan, and travel pretty much seems like one time one year opportunity and it is actually interesting?

Get over it, now its the thing and will be going on for next 10 christmasses

Instead, how about i share some of my favorite moments each year from special new years dinners at exclusive restaurants and hotels and then some “get your freak on” parties around town. Baku now knows not only Jazzy nights, it now has gangsta parties and electro parties flown with amazing people that value the music and simply enjoy the great mixtures. – of music, not what you thought again 😉

Start your day with some small walk under the winter sun of OLD CITY. Check the weather and if there is a promise for late night snow fall, which is rare in Baku, then you just simply have to visit OLD City gates and wonder around after 7 pm in the ancient streets that are filled with history and smell like ancient battle fields. That they were actually. There is a saying in ALI & NINO book about Baku old city, there was always duels in the inside and outside old city gates of Baku. Those duels that happened inside the old city were always in the name of honor! not money! unlike the battles in the outside!

Then comes the moment of the night life in a windy city of lights. You have NIZAMI street, no knowing that even the name is subject of long debates between writers and artists. NIZAMI happens to be the most amazing politician/writer/romantic artists there was in ancient Azerbaijan.

Many wonders later, right in the middle of the nizami street you will see huge amount of crowd trying to get the selfie of a lifetime in the middle of flea market with long and fat Christmas tree that makes you to remember how childhood was in many ways much more magical than adulthood today. – why? coffee got more expensive.

Now the best of morning- after in Baku will be your morning breakfast at the sea bay: RIVIERA or CHAYKI restaurant, or near Hilton hotel baku Maria-vanna russian restaurant. That can be a bit much pricey for your as prebooking is needed and trust me you want to call 3 times 3 days in a row to secure your place and make them panic before you come. Like legendary “Devil Wears Prada” movie, Miranda entering the building kinda way.

What els you want to share or expect from the city that was chosen October city of Lufthansa Airlines in 2019? Probably not too much as each travel to a new destination can be and should be more mystery than fact based with books of fast track guides. Be your own guide in life as you are everyday. And be inspired of your desire to grow into a big world of memories and history….


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