In the end of 19th century and the beginning of the  20-thieth oil boom has set out new path for Baku city development bringing in new architects, well, more than 10 of them from all over soviet union and europe to build modern style houses.

Today remains of those truly progressive and nuveau style still remain in hiding site of the city center. Near the Winter park, behind winter park hotel, and jewish center, you will find renovated streets starting from Bashir Safaroghlu onwards.

What we would like to inform you about will be the night view of those small 3 store houses that protect the history and undrground music bars, coffee shops that look like 19th century museums at night!

Recent years have shown that Baku is on the way to become one of the most promising tourism destinations and recent developments and investments of the government has been proving that new year of 2020 will be full of surprises.

Make sure to book nights tour for yourself in case you are with friends and family before entering NIZAMI street as city center of small Baku with big history.

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