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Undiscovered Nature of Caucasus

Nature of Azerbaijan is partly wild and partly covered with the remains of ancient forests. It’s a never-ending marvel for any traveller.

Georgia, the very cradle of wine and all sorts or nature and adventures holidays you would like to experience. The very historical hub of christianity of Caucasus and rising cultural hub for two worlds: Europa and Asia.

Turkey, is one of the leading tourism destinations in the world, with stunning scenery and rich historic legacy. Explore Turkey’s with great deals on accommodation, travel advices and a variety of things to do and see. Turkey, what a beautiful country; fun, joy, happiness and never-ending journey.


At each offered destination special attention should be paid to local clothing, jewellery and souvenirs and the exquisite handicrafts of local craftsmen, who are able to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces of art.  Various showrooms, workshops and boutiques will demonstrate the beauty of the3 countries spirit, which inspires artists, designers and other master craftsmen.

Family Friendly

Going on vacation with children is a very demanding affair, because little travellers can easily get bored travelling with parents and their friends. However, countries we offer are nourished by the ancient traditions of the nation, which honours family values above all.

Therefore, special attention is paid here to those types of entertainments which will not only suit the tastes of solo travelers, but also those guests who have brought their families with them. Comfortable hotels, health resorts and recreation zones, where the grown-ups can relax and children can have plenty of fun.

Explore with Professionals

Be ready for full time assistance and informational wave for all needed highlights of the destination. We sample all the data each year to renew the tour and offers so you have more reasons to travel and discover more each time. We don’t rush, when we explore and definitely don’t pass by an opportunity to uncover yet another page of human history.

Discover with Olissey Travel, Explore with your hearts, Create memories worth telling the story…

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