Let’s Get Married in BAKU!


Really good places to get married in Baku


Menus and Designs to choose from


Original Dance tracks to mix it up!

DO NOT PANIC! Olissey will take care of it

In a world of billions of worries and even more planning plans bla bla bla, we’ll make sure to be on your team “best wedding in Baku!”

What you have to do? just send us your request, ideas and questions. We would love to answer and get you on the plane to fly to Baku and plan together with site inspections, restaurants and of course one big day of meeting where all will be summarised and decided upon.

Cost Effective? - YES

Pre-plan, visit and set the DATE!

Thats all it takes for us to get the team for winning best prizes and reservation dates for you.

You got special menu and music requirements, design and traditional program to be followed? Well, we’d love to make it happen.

Don’t forget, it’s all about you now, so lets make sure you have your dream wedding fixed just right to get everyone together and take those tears out! 😉

Olissey Wedding Plan

Its not complicated at all, and needs to be done 3 months prior to the wedding.

If your dates are fixed for next year…thats really amazing! so we could travel you in for a 1 week of FAM trip with your family under special “i wanna marry in Baku” discounts and book all the meetings with tailored day to day schedule send in as soon as we have you on board for the mission “Wed-KU”

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