A favorable climate, rich cultural and historical heritage, and a well developed infrastructure are the important factors which continue to attract tourists to Shamkir.
According to the most modest calculations, the city’s existence began in the 5th century, and the period between the 9th-11th centuries is considered to be its flourishing time. In 1235, Shamkir, along with Ganja, was occupied and destroyed by the Mongols. Later a new city was built in this area, and the old one abandoned. Nowadays full-scale excavations are being carried out in old Shamkir, the ancient, medieval settlement sitting on left bank of the Shamkirchay River.
Travellers’ special interest is evident in the so called “German pages” of Shamkir’s history. Back in 1819, immigrants from the Wurttemberg area, escaping from the ravages of the Napoleonic wars, came to Azerbaijan and first established two colonies here – Elenendorf and Annendorf (now Goygol and Shamkir cities). Later on, four more colonies came into being in the area. Since then, there still remains much historical evidence of German “footprints” in Shamkir, among which are whole streets with German-style houses, a beautiful Lutheran Church, parks, a winery etc.

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