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Shamakhi Tour, visit Sufi Dervish Mousaleum Diri Baba, Shamakhi mosque, Shamakhi Lake, tour to Lahij, Lahij History Musem, Local handicrafts in Lahij, Walking tour in Lahij

The history of Shamakhi starts from 5th century BC, and is popular with its landscape and literature in Azerbaijan. In the 9th -16th centuries it was the capital of Shirvan Empire, and in the mid-18th century it used to be the center of Shamakhi Khanate. The first mosque of all Caucasus and Azerbaijan – the Juma Mosque is in Shamakhi. It is additionally called the City of Literature since it was the native land of many Azerbaijani poets. Present day Shamakhi is a recognized center of carpet weaving and winemaking.

Day 1
Shamakhi and Lahij Day Tour

Pickup from hotel.

Visit to Shamakhi

Juma Mosque: The oldest mosque of all Caucasus and Azerbaijan
“Diri Baba” Sufi Dervish Mousaleum

"Sakit Gol" Shamakhi Lake

Visit to Lahij:

Sightseeing places on the way to Lahij (2070 m above the sea level)

Walking through Lahij trade street, visiting the workshops of the local handicraft masters

Visit to Lahij History Museum and the Mosque.

Back to Baku, drop-off to hotel


  • Sunscreen and face lotion with SPF.
  • Night time Moisturizer/Lotion.
  • If under any medication, enough stock
  • Rest information needs to be provided beforehand

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