Dates: 20 march -27 march

Duration: 7 nights / 8 days

Cities you can’t miss:  Baku(hotel) – Sheki(hotel) – Gence(hotel) 

Novruz holiday in Azerbaijan is a feast of spring, start of New Year. Traditionally, Azerbaijanis start festivities 4 Wednesdays before 21st of March, symbolizing end of the Old year and beginning of the New year:

Su Chershenbe (Water Wednesday);

Odlu Chershenbe (Fire Wednesday);

Torpag Chershenbe (Earth Wednesday);

Akhyr Chershenbe (Last Wednesday).

According to the traditional beliefs the water is reborn on the first Wednesday: still waters come to motion; The fire reborn on the second one, the earth — on the third. On the fourth Wednesday the wind opens tree buds and spring begins. Novruz holiday is full of ceremonies and traditions.

On «Akhyr Cheshenbe» before dark there comes the time of fortune telling. Azerbaijani girls and young men sneak to doors of their neighbors and «overheard» their conversation; then on the basis of the first words they have heard they try to tell their fortune and guess if their wishes will come true. On this day many families also tell fortunes using Khafiz Shirazi book. Among Novruz holiday ceremonies the most important one is the cooking of samani (wheatgrass, grew in a plate) which is a symbol of fertility. And many more symbolistic rituals are made by families to celebrate the true Spring Coming!

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