It always starts with silly idea that sounds like this: – everyone has that, why not us!? specially when we have more crazy art people here than anyone out there in the world.

Well, we would like that this was one of the reasons which pushed one of the constriction company in Baku that was rebuilding one of the semi central district near Baku to invite GOOZE ART George Kurinov, one of known names in Europe for street art to do the magic.

When interviewed how and why he did it, main reasons of the artist was traveling in 2018 summer time in Baku, which makes sense as many head up for Azerbaijan as part of their caucasus trips. Missing the point that azerbaijan is equally freezing and interesting in the north like all your other crazy adds for other destinations. Before the art magic could appear at the repaired houses, which was ordered to be 2 of them, George was meeting with local legends in art community, retired painters in the afternoons. With long walks and enchanting dinners at the old city, artist had his first inspiration after several painters of the soviet union gave him some legendary short cut history information. Alas,  the master piece was never meeting 2 figures of man and a woman in national ancient costumes. Like fire and Water, they can never reach each other but only reach the eye of every living citizen that lives across the building.

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